Watch Umphrey’s McGee’s Straight-Faced Mash Up Of Radiohead, Beck, & Phil Collins

The terrifyingly popular Indiana jam-band Umphrey’s McGee play an annual mash-up show every year on Halloween, combining covers live and wearing mash-up costumes. (This year, band members wore costumes like Devo Snyder and “Weird Al” Pacino.) As silly as the whole idea is, though, they put serious and obvious work into their mash-ups. This year’s show went down at Boston’s House Of Blues, and it included a selection called “National Loser Anthem, Tonight,” which somehow combined Beck’s “Loser” with Radiohead’s “National Anthem” and Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.” (Those are three very good songs!) It is quite a thing to witness. Watch professional video of it below.

I think I liked this? I’m pretty sure I liked this.