Diarrhea Planet – “Kids” Video

We noted earlier this week that guitar-slinging Nashville party-starters Diarrhea Planet have already shared all five songs from their upcoming Aliens In The Outfield EP, and here they are still releasing videos off their previous album too. The grungy, minor-key “Kids” is a slow jam by Diarrhea Planet standards. But in this band’s world, you only hold back to set up the eventual explosion, and indeed “Kids” eventually erupts into astonishing harmonized shredding and wraps up with crushing bombast. It’s like their own radical spin on Blue Album Weezer. Director Paul Morgan’s visuals for the song split performance footage with a narrative about an office worker who busts out of his shell, storylines that converge humorously at the finish. Watch and enjoy below.

I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams is out now on Infinity Cat.