Lewis & Clarke – “The Silver Sea”

In the latest installment of Shaking Through, an episodic documentary series about recording music told by independent artists such as Peter Matthew and Family Band, Lewis & Clarke, aka Lou Rogai, records a captivating new song, “The Silver Sea.” Lewis & Clarke’s appearance on the series was curated by Strand Of Oaks, who was featured on Shaking Through in 2010. The Lewis & Clarke song is a lush, swelling combination of voice and violin that sounds the way the sea looks on a gloomy day.

Rogai talks about his “return from the abyss” in his 11-minute segment. It follows him and his young son, Julian, on a hike and features picturesque views of the mountainous region of Pennsylvania where they live. Rogai says, “Lewis & Clarke is based on intuition, it is based on what I feel.” Which helps to explain the honesty and emotional depth in this song. Watch the episode here and listen below.