New Joseph Arthur Video – “Temporary People”

Awhile back we mentioned Joseph having a party at his Dumbo art space, yes it’s called the Museum of Modern Arthur, a gallery devoted to his work as a painter (and the occasional party). Since then he’s pissed off his landlords and is getting evicted. Or as JA puts it, “And the big bad landlord is giving us the boot. (We pay our rent but other things factor into this up and coming thriving metropolis known as Dumbo.)” So there’s a certain poetry to the title of Joseph’s forthcoming full-length Temporary People, furthered by the title track’s Cerise Leang-directed video treatment: Joseph in MOMAR, “hanging out with the temporary people,” finding himself and his friends “being swallowed by this evil,” partying in his room for one of the last times, with lots of heads poking through painting frames, trading masks for devil horns, and otherwise being all rock ‘n’ roll-y in a way abhorrent to gentrification-friendly landlords. Joseph you should probably send this link to your landlord as a going way present. It sorta plays like one.

Permanent “People”:

Joseph Arthur – “Temporary People” (MP3)

Temporary People is Joseph’s seventh full-length, and second long player with backing band the Lonely Astronauts. (You might remember that this is the year of four JA EPs and two JA LPs.) Before they shutter the doors on MOMAR, Joseph’s throwing some parties: one called “The Closing Opening” on 9/18 at 8PM, and then an album release party set for 9/26 and 9/27, also at 8PM. Something tells me it’s going to get loud and boozy in there.

Joseph’s museum is located at 25 Jay Street. RSVP with this email.