NOFX’s Fat Mike Beats Up Stage Crasher, Offers To Buy Him A Beer

On Tuesday night, the veteran California punk band NOFX were playing a show in Sydney, and frontman Fat Mike was complaining about how he’d thrown his neck out and how he wished the people in the crowd would stop throwing shit at him. They didn’t stop. And later in the show, when one drunken crowd member jumped onstage and came up behind Mike, doing one of those half-hug things on him, Mike reacted by wheeling and punching the fan, then kicking him in the face. Video of the incident went quickly viral; it did not look good. But though the fan who was attacked showed off his fat lip on Twitter — see above — he didn’t much seem to mind. Mike, for his part, offered to buy the kid a beer if he came to another show. So apparently everyone is cool with it now? See the video and the tweets below.

(via Wondering Sound)

Now, here’s Mike’s apology:

And now, words from the fan:

It’s always nice when potential friends don’t let a little thing like a face-kicking stand in their way.

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