Tim Woulfe – “Abide (Throughout)” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

“Abide (Throughout)” is a great song to space out to: it has a gently shimmering ambiance that floats past you, grounded by mournful vocals that thread in and out of the track like an apparition. The song appears on Providence-based musician Tim Woulfe’s Presence EP, a collection of ambient tracks that wash over you like a wave in slow motion, a feeling that’s replicated in the Max Bayarsky-directed video for the song. It turns grainy footage at the beach into an elegiac experience: the visuals stutter and decompose, faces leave their bodies and are multiplied in the ether. The video feels like an old home movie, unearthed and watched on a projector while surrounded by your loved ones. Woulfe’s music matches that feeling: it’s warmly nostalgic and familiar, a glimmering flash of light looking out onto a void. Watch below.

Tim Woulfe’s Presence EP is out now via Apollonian Sound.