Raspberry Bulbs – “Finger Bones”

I’ve seen Raspberry Bulbs open for the Danish post-punk nihilists Iceage as well as the SoCal underground black metal collective Black Twilight Circle. There is a pretty wide gulf between those two things, but Raspberry Bulbs felt like a perfectly natural choice on both bills. In fact, you could say Raspberry Bulbs live in exactly that gulf: Their music is claustrophobic, murky, and nightmarish, but also propulsive, structured, and lean. They incorporate pop hooks and Factory-style rhythms into a tinny necro sound, and for some reason, it’s even more menacing than its component influences. The band have a new album out next week, called Privacy, from which we’ve already heard one song, the inaptly (or, at least, ironically) titled “Light Surrounds Me.” Now we’ve got another one, “Finger Bones.” There’s nothing inherently disturbing about that title, but it sounds disturbing all the same, especially when you consider that Raspberry Bulbs’ frontman goes by the name He Who Crushes Teeth, and plays in a band called Bone Awl. Not that you need any context whatsoever to find this music disturbing. It just is. Listen.

Privacy is out this 11/15 via Blackest Ever Black.