Kitty – “Miss U”

Kitty continues to step away from hip-hop and into the dance-pop world with “Miss U,” the first song released from her upcoming EP, Frost Bite. Between this and the EP she released earlier this year, impatiens, it’s clear Kitty is leaving behind her old gritty-rap self along with the “Pryde” of Kitty Pryde. You can check out what Kitty had to say about her new sound, as well as “Miss U,” below.

Says Kitty:

I was not myself last year. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways to bring myself back into my sparkly heart cloud space, and I am 100% aware of how cliche this sounds but music was definitely the one thing that helped me most. Now that I’m back in my heart cloud, I want to make music that will bring people back up to theirs.

Frost Bite will be out 11/18.

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