Caddywhompus – “Company” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

It’s easy to forget that Caddywhompus are a duo — all of their songs are so layered and heavy that it seems impossible that they’re just two guys with a guitar and some drums. But they’re the real deal, and their new video puts the band front and center (on a pedestal, even) to do what they do best: play. “Company” is a propulsive highlight from their new album, Feathering A Nest, and the video serves as a showcase for Caddywhompus’ insane skills. The visuals cycle intensely through a series of different colors, with the jump cuts getting more and more frequent so that, by the end of the video, it feels natural when the images all dissolve into one another. Simple doodles float around on screen and surround the band throughout. It’s a mesmerizing video surrounding a magnetic performance that makes it hard to look away. Watch below.

Feathering A Nest is out now on Community Records.

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