Watch Noel Gallagher Say Entertaining Things About Russell Brand, Morrissey, And Salt & Vinegar Crisps

Noel Gallagher always has something entertaining to say about everything, and thankfully he’s delivered more of that today in a new video interview with Noisey. The Oasis co-founder and High Flying Birds frontman opines about the revolutionary politics of his buddy Russell Brand, who recently inspired then killed off a meme involving Gallagher’s former rivals Blur. Among other subjects, Gallagher also talks about partying with Morrissey, salt & vinegar crisps, and his hatred of starring in music videos. (“I make no bones about it: I did not get into music to be in a video. I am not one of the Kaiser Chiefs.”) It’s all wildly entertaining and will almost certainly make you laugh out loud at some point, so watch below.