Stream Dirt Dress Revelations EP

Dirt Dress are releasing their new EP next week but, as things go nowadays, it’s streaming a week early. They won’t shake the Joy Division comparisons with the four songs here, but they’re so silky smooth it doesn’t really matter. These tracks have a warm duality to them — take “Twelve Pictures” for example, which we premiered a few weeks back: there’s a competing sense of light and dark here, occupying some space in between the two that ramps up the tension and creates the feeling that there’s always something simmering under the surface. Throw in some well-executed synths and a good sense of melody, and you’ve got a promising collection of songs from the up-and-coming L.A. post-punkers. Listen to the whole thing below.

(via Noisey)

Revelations is out 11/18 on Future Gods.

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