Painted Zeros – “Too Drunk” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Back in July, the New York-based band Painted Zeros released their EP Svalbard, a collection of tracks that, despite their sing-along quality, are inundated in the kind of dark sentiments that come with being a young person trying to figure your shit out. The opening lyrics of “Too Drunk” are as follows: “Every night is a Friday night with a handle of gin/ It’s okay to black out, babe, if we just stay in/ It’s not any fun going home with someone when I wake up the next day.” The song’s video, directed by Robert Kolodny, presents a somewhat grotesque solution to this problem: Why make out with a stranger at a show, when you can just make out with yourself? Featuring cameos by the members of a handful of local bands (including LVL UP, Crying, and Porches), Painted Zeros perform while the audience falls into a drunken stupor — making out with the air and showering the venue in champagne. Watch below.

Svalbard is out now via Black Bell Records.