Stream Chumped Teenage Retirement

Last month, we named the Brooklyn-based band Chumped Band To Watch, and James talked to them at great length about the strange limbotic state of “teenage retirement” that inspired their album. Teenage Retirement is a pop-punk record that attempts to illustrate the seemingly impossible ascent into adulthood, navigating all of the crappy things that come with moving away from home and trying to carve out a place for yourself in the world. Chumped’s lyrics are admirably vulnerable — these are the kinds of songs written about real people and real situations. They are never veiled in illusory language, but something about the songs’ specificity make them painfully relatable. Teenage Retirement is an anthemic record, an ode to being twenty-something and cautiously optimistic. This sentiment culminates in the final track “Old And Tired” when lead singer Anika Pyle takes a short breath before singing, “Everything you love has either died or moved away/What’s the point in waking up today/You have a resume or two to pass around/But its been blank from 2003 until now.” Listen below.

Teenage Retirement is out 11/18 via Anchorless Records.

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