Usher’s Walmart Honey Nut Cheerios Download Doesn’t Even Work UPDATE: J/K It Does

A couple of days ago, we told you that Usher had teamed with the corporate duo of General Mills and Walmart for a promotion promising a new song called “Clueless.” All you had to do was go to Walmart, grab a specially marked box of Honey Nut Cheerios, and at the bottom of the box, you’d be rewarded with a download code for the Usher track. This is the state of the industry, people! Global Welcome Ambassadorships and Walmart/Cheerios tie-ins! Anyway, today we’re back to tell you: Don’t bother with that whole Honey Nut Cheerios thing, it doesn’t work.

Noisey’s Andrew Winistorfer (see photo above) has the whole story. As he tells it, not only is it hard to actually track down the specially marked boxes in question, but even when you get one, there’s no prize. Yes, there’s a download code, but not much else. This is what happened when Winistorfer entered that code:

A notification popped up on the screen that said that my promo code was either incorrect, or it had already been redeemed. I tried entering it about 12 different ways. All caps, no caps, dashes, no dashes, half-caps, backwards, forwards. In frustrations, I tried typing “420 69″ and “Fuck-This-Bull-Shit.” None of it worked. I stepped back and thought that maybe a nefarious Walmart employee entered the code, so it was back to the store. I trudged the 30 minutes back across town — through a light snow, I might add — get another box, bring it home, and … get the same error message.

It doesn’t end there. I really encourage you to read the Noisey piece because it’s pretty hilarious. “Clueless” indeed!

UPDATE: A rep for Cheerios reached out to us:

We were made aware of the difficulties the Noisey writer faced and have ensured that the downloads are working. We have advised Noisey to please make sure that when entering the code, that they only enter the information after the “US.”

We tested and it works. See you at Walmart!

UPDATE 2: Here’s the song:

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