Dev Hynes Reflects On Cupid Deluxe‘s 1st Anniversary

Dev Hynes Reflects On Cupid Deluxe‘s 1st Anniversary

Apparently if you ever run into Dev Hynes, you should ask him for a cassette. The Blood Orange mastermind posted to Tumblr last night to reflect on the one-year anniversary of Cupid Deluxe. In Hynes’ missive he mentioned that he has been making tapes in all kinds of different styles ever since he was a kid, and that he’ll probably have something on his person to hand out to you if you ask. He’s also very thankful to those who’ve listened. Here’s Hynes’ message:

I realised late tonight, that a year ago today I released the album “Cupid Deluxe

It’s been a pretty strange year.

Very appreciative to anyone that wants to make music with me, listen to me ramble, or even listen to songs i’ve made, whilst rambling to myself. It’s still strange to me… i’ve always just been doing the same thing, regardless of how it seems because of releases that have an “official” mark of approval. When I was younger (13?!) I would make tapes for friends at the skate park and family members, each one a different “album” of material. It could be rap, it could be indie (i loved Mansun and Ash) it could be classical (my first instrument was the cello) or just weird piano things. I never stopped doing that, i’m still doing that (seriously, if you see me, ask me for a cassette because i’ll probably have one of material i’ve recorded that week, i’ll just give it to you).

Anyway, i spun off… what i’m getting to is »» thank you ««< for listening ))))))) it's very nice of you all. I couldn't possibly ask for anything else, i'm just an essex boy that somehow landed in NYC 8 years ago. I make music for fun, to pass the time & because I don't know what else to do. No other reason, not for "good grades" and not as a competition.. so if you happen to listen to these tiny snapshots of my mind and find it enjoyable, well.. that's very nice. Devonté.

I’d be pretty into hearing a Dev Hynes cello mixtape, personally.

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