Lorde Clarifies Comment About Kim Kardashian’s Butt

With its latest magazine cover, Paper made sure Kim Kardashian’s glistening buttocks were seared into our collective consciousness forever, inspiring plenty of positive and negative feedback as naked people and Kardashians and especially naked Kardashians do.

Among the responders was Lorde, who tweeted the image along with the word “mom.” See?

Because one flavor of internet outrage regarding this matter was along the lines of, “She shouldn’t be posing naked like this! She’s a mother!” some people interpreted Lorde’s tweet as a similar condemnation. But on Tumblr today she clarified that the sentiment was all positive:

omg haha ok so. time to explain this. i retweeted kim’s amazing cover and wrote ‘MOM’, which among the youthz is a compliment; it basically jokingly means “adopt me/be my second mom/i think of you as a mother figure you are so epic” (obviously i love my own mama and she is the best tho) but straight after that i think someone else called out the cover saying kim has no right to look that sexy as she is a mother which is TOTAL trash – why should that stop her? if anything i think she gets even more beautiful and sexy all the time like a fineass wine, and of course has every right to showcase that – but i think our two comments got lumped in and also maybe reporters don’t understand my breed of humour/worship. i am the biggest fan of jean-paul goude and of grace jones, as you know, and there’s no way i could support one and not the other you know? it wouldn’t make any sense to worship rih in her swarovski crystal gown at the CFDAs, or grace naked on the cover of island life (as shot by goude!), and not kim. to summarize – kim’s cover was pure heaven. so so beautiful. i’m proud to say it’ll be on my wall.

ps. i messaged our mutual friend straight away and made sure kim understood, and she does and all is well.

so i hope that’s cleared up. next time i’ll go for a good old fashioned “SLAY” instead.


Any guesses on who the mutual friend is? Gotta be Kanye, right?

[Lorde photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images.]