Angel Olsen – “Windows” Video

Today, Angel Olsen releases the deluxe edition of Burn Your Fire For No Witness, the great album she released near the beginning of the year. She’s chosen today to share her slow, surreal video for “Windows,” the last song on the album. The Comedy director Rick Alverson made the video, and the whole thing plays out like an extended daydream: Olsen watching kids play in a field, Olsen letting kids smear gunk on her face, Olsen dressed up like a noblewoman in the Renaissance. Of the video, Olsen says, “I gave [Alverson] total freedom to set the tone and I wanted only to be present within it. I wanted to make something cinematic and forward, and I believe he did that here.” Watch it below.

The deluxe edition of Burn Your Fire For No Witness is out now on Jagjaguwar.