Sleigh Bells – “That Did It” (Feat. Tink)

Sleigh Bells have teamed up with Chicago rapper Tink for a new track called “That Did It.” The song was made for Red Bull Sound Select, who got them together to record in a studio in New York after they shared a stage at the same SXSW showcase earlier this year. “We weren’t contractually obligated to put something out, to make that clear, so I didn’t anticipate anything actually coming out of it,” Derek Miller told Rolling Stone. “But I figured, ‘What the hell?'” The song got its start as a discarded demo from 2013 called “Infinite Power” that the pop-noise duo wasn’t happy with, but Tink reinvigorated their passion for the song: “Once Alexis and Tink started playing off of each other, their chemistry redeemed the whole thing for me. Suddenly I fell back in love with the track,” Miller said. “I’m sad to say this, because we have three records out, but I think this is the first really, really great bridge that we’ve ever written. That’s the sweet spot of the song for me.” Listen below.