Official Bob Marley Weed On The Way

With more and more states approving legal marijuana sales, major businesses are trying to get in on the increasingly lucrative legal weed-selling game. And as NBC reports, investors have raised something like $50 million to start up the world’s first legal marijuana giant: Marley Natural. Bob Marley is, of course, a famous face among stoners, and the late reggae legend will be the figurehead of the brand, a “premium cannabis brand” that’ll offer strains of Jamaican weed, as well as weed-infused creams and accessories like vaporizers. The Marley family is participating in this, and they stand, potentially, to make a lot of money. Those of you with access to legal weed should enjoy the vaguely sketchy mom-and-pop nature of the whole enterprise while you can, because there’s about to be a whole lot of this. Below, watch a Today Show report on the beginning of Marley Natural.

Marley Natural aims to start selling its wares in the U.S. late next year.

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