Interpol Have Been Trapped In A Buffalo Snowstorm For 40 Hours

Interpol played the Newport Music Hall in Columbus on Monday, the same day snow covered much of the Midwest for the first time this season. It was a pretty scene here in Central Ohio, but further north the snow was way more intense. En route to Tuesday’s show in Toronto the band got held up by the weather and eventually had to cancel the concert. They posted this apology note on their website:

Dear Toronto,
Our bus is trapped in a snowstorm just outside of Buffalo. We haven’t moved our position on the road in over nine hours. Unfortunately, we’ll have to cancel tonight’s concert at the Kool Haus. We were greatly looking forward to the show but the big bad winter has come early this year. We will be informing people of a new date as soon as we can.
All the best,

That was 20 hours ago. Now it’s Wednesday, and the band is still stuck. Guitarist Daniel Kessler and touring member Brandon Curtis (formerly of Secret Machines) have been posting an entertaining series of updates on Twitter, which you can check out below.

No word yet on the status of Thursday’s show in Montreal (UPDATE: It’s canceled too; see below), but at this rate Interpol might just have to settle in Buffalo for the winter. Maybe they can kill time by revisiting the NYC rock resurgence via our new Ultimate Playlist?

UPDATE: Tour openers Hundred Waters are also stuck in the snow and have also been tweeting about it. It seems they’ve found sanctuary in a Tim Horton’s.

UPDATE 2: Six hours later, Interpol are still trapped, and they’ve canceled Thursday’s show in Montreal. Here’s the note they posted on their site:

It’s with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of our show tomorrow night in Montreal. We’ve been stranded in a snowstorm outside of Buffalo for over 40 hours and still don’t know when we’ll be able to move from our current position. We’re disappointed that we won’t be able to visit as scheduled but we’ll make it up to you, Toronto and Montreal. We love you guys. We were really looking forward to the shows.
All the best,

Slate reports that the Buffalo area has seen a whopping 70 inches of snow, and more is expected Thursday. People in Buffalo are literally snowed into their houses. It’s like “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” out there! (Wrong band, I know.) Here are a couple more photos from Buffalo via ABC:

UPDATE 3: #Winterpol is over.