Iceage – “Against The Moon” Video

Danish punks Iceage have already made videos for “The Lord’s Favorite” and “Forever,” two of the songs from their skronky, Americana-haunted new album Plowing Into The Field Of Love. Their new video for “Against The Moon” is a stark, black and white study of weathered faces and damaged bodies. It seems to tell a story of a man with a smashed-in nose cruising for prostitutes, but you have to figure out the story yourself from what little the video gives you. And while it never quite shows anything, there’s a lot of implied sex and violence, so you might want to think twice before watching this one at work. Martin Masai Andersen and Kim Thue directed the video. The clip will stick with you, and you can watch it below.

Plowing Into The Field Of Love is out now on Matador.