Joyce Manor – “Tame”

Joyce Manor’s Never Hungover Again is a riotously fun record that deals with some insanely depressing shit, and that carries over to “Tame,” a heartily improved version of “See How Tame I Can Be,” an older track that first appeared on their sophomore album Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired. It’s a rip-roaring track that burns out just as soon as it kicks in and contains some great cutting lyrics like, “See how tame I can be; in the reflection I watch myself watching TV/ And it’s too much to take and so I say to myself, ‘I never told you that I loved you because I don’t.'” The track is on a new split 7″ with San Pedro punks Toys That Kill. Listen below.

And here’s one of Toys That Kill’s contributions “Time We Can’t Let Go”:

The split 7″ is out 12/9 via Recess Records