HOLY – “Golden Fog” (Stereogum Premiere)

HOLY is the new project of north Sweden-based musician Hannes Ferm, but if I heard his debut single “Golden Fog” without knowing anything about him, I would have bet on him coming from someplace a little warmer. The Scandinavian countries are best known for two types of music: sparkling but icy pop, and discordant stuff that can either come in a post-punk or metal flavor. HOLY’s none of those things — instead, Ferm opts for a more romanticized version of garage rock, sweet and a little bit noisy but not oppressively so. On the chorus, he sings “flying through that open door” and the syllables are all stretched out, almost as if he’s screaming while in mid-air. And even though Ferm’s voice is drenched in reverb, his sentiments come across clearly. The track is taken from his debut EP, Silver Of Your Heart. Listen below.

HOLY’s debut EP Silver Of Your Heart is out 12/10 on PNKSLM. His debut LP is expected early next year.

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