Watch Most Of Wu-Tang Clan Reassemble On Letterman

Anytime you go to a Wu-Tang Clan show, it’s always interesting to see how many of the crew’s nine members will actually show up. (The most I’ve ever seen is eight; the least is four.) This apparently holds true even for the group’s late-night TV appearances. While the entire group managed to come through for The Daily Show back in August, the version of the Wu that appeared on Letterman was notably missing Raekwon and GZA. Still, the Wu-Tang Clan knows what to do onstage even when they’re down a couple of guys. On the show, the group performed “Ruckus In B Minor,” the single from their new album A Better Tomorrow. And even the song is, by the crew’s ridiculously high standards, a bit underwhelming, these guys are all 20-year pros who know how to hold a stage and play off of each other. It’s always fun to watch them go off, and you can see it happen below.

A Better Tomorrow is out 12/2 on Warner Bros.