Kid Rock Admits His Last Album Was Bad, Targets “Coldplay, Coachella, Social Media, And Hipsters” On New One

Kid Rock — alleged possessor of glass dildos, singer of songs — will release his tenth album, First Kiss, early next year. In advance of the new record, Rolling Stone sat down with the aging rocker to get a preview. And he’s angry about a lot of things! First off, he admits that his 2012 album Rebel Soul was bad — “I didn’t spend enough time on it at all,” he says — but insists that the new album contains one of the best songs he’s ever written. Kid Rock also describes a few specific tracks on the album. One, called “Good Times And Cheap Wine,” targets “Coldplay, Coachella, social media, and hipsters.” Seriously. “I’m fucking old,” Rock explains. “I’m not going to fit in, I’m fucking fine with that, I don’t fucking understand the Internet or Coachella or any shit. And I just can’t fucking try to pretend like I know. I like good times, cheap wine and back-beat rock & roll.” Another one is called “Ain’t Enough Whiskey” and on the song, Rock takes aim at politicians who “talk about taking my guns away.” Rock bravely states, “It’s not going to be considered politically correct. But it says what’s going on.” Sounds fascinating! First Kiss is out 2/24.

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