Stream School ’94 Like You EP (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream School ’94 Like You EP (Stereogum Premiere)

Like You,” the title track from School ’94’s new EP, is an absolute stunner of an ’80s pop throwback, building from tender fragility to triumphant strength under its crystalline exterior. The rest of the EP is similarly striking, Alice Botéus wailing away with authority against fervent music that bridges the gap between Smiths-style guitar-pop and the new wave jams that ruled US radio in the Reagan era. Consider School ’94 a sleeker, smoother descendant of fellow Gothenburg masters Love Is All, that band’s rancorous punk energy refined into poised emotional outpourings sized for the cinema screen. Or just see this band as its own thing, four immensely talented pop craftsmen with a deft aesthetic touch and an extremely high ceiling. Like You is out tomorrow, but you can hear the whole EP below right now.

Like You is out 12/2 on Cascine/Luxury. Pre-order it here.

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