Sleater-Kinney – “Surface Envy”

Back in October, Sleater-Kinney dropped a bomb on the universe, announcing a surprise reunion by way of releasing the amazing new song “Bury Our Friends.” The second song the trio has shared song from their forthcoming reunion album No Cities To Love is called “Surface Envy,” and you’ve already heard a clip of it if you listened to the group’s NPR interview. If anything, this is an even better Sleater-Kinney song that “Bury Our Friends”: A fired-up, full-bodied howler powered by righteous fury and beautifully tangled riffage. The world does not deserve to hear Corin Tucker in roaring-lion form like this, but we’re getting it anyway. Give thanks, and listen below.

The band premiered “Surface Envy” at the end of a Reddit AMA, during which they provided some information about their 2015 reunion tour. For one thing, they have no plans to collaborate beyond next year. Wrote Janet Weiss, “We are definitely living in the moment and enjoying being together making music again. We all have other projects as well and realize our time in the band is valuable. Not taking SK for granted, and making this album as good as possible works for us this time around. So no plans for the distant future – we’ll make the next few months as amazing as they can possibly be!” They also revealed that Weiss is the “setlist guru” and that we shouldn’t expect to hear any rarities because, per Weiss, “Those might have been weeded out years ago for a reason!” The band also hinted that fans should bring them chocolate chip cookies on tour and revealed that Carrie Brownstein’s Portlandia co-star Fred Armisen has volunteered to roadie for the band. (No word if he got the job or not.)

No Cities To Love is out 1/20 on Sub Pop.