Watch Girlpool Cover Radiator Hospital’s “Cut Your Bangs”

Girlpool recently made their way through Europe on tour and stopped by the Macbeth in London to record a session for NME, where they played a cover of Radiator Hospital’s Torch Song highlight “Cut Your Bangs.” The dreamy, heart-on-your-sleeve track is a perfect fit for the duo, and they really sell the “When you lie to me, it’s in the small stuff” line, which is a serious contender for the most crushingly honest lyric of the year. Radiator Hospital mastermind Sam Cook-Parrott returned the favor by posting a cover of Girlpool’s live staple “Ideal World” onto their Facebook page today. You can watch both below.

Girlpool’s debut EP is out now via Wichita, and Radiator Hospital’s Torch Song is out now via Salinas.