Lana Del Rey – “Big Eyes” & “I Can Fly”

Lana Del Rey – “Big Eyes” & “I Can Fly”

Lana Del Rey wrote two songs for the forthcoming Tim Burton film Big Eyes, a biopic about American artist Margaret Keane, and both tracks have made their way online. Earlier this week, we heard a preview of the movie’s title track, but you can now hear a full version of that and “I Can Fly” below. The former shows up halfway through the film and the latter plays over the closing credits. One of these tracks is expected to get a push for a Best Original Song nomination at the Oscars. Both tracks have the same sense of dreamy, operatic melancholy that marked Del Rey’s last album, Ultraviolence. Listen to them below.

“Big Eyes”

“I Can Fly”

(via Direct Lyrics)

Big Eyes is out on 12/25.

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