Space Mountain – “Love Song” (Stereogum Premiere)

Space Mountain is the solo project of Cole Kinsler, a Boston local who, despite his affinity for the surrounding scene, has always produced music on the periphery. His latest EP, Wilderness Explorer, a follow-up to last year’s full-length Ferry Lane, was entirely self-recorded and produced in Kinsler’s bedroom. Although Wilderness Explorer emerged from Kinsler’s adoration of local bands championed by labels like Exploding In Sound, Space Mountain is a work of admiration rather than imitation. “Love Song” begins with just-barely distinguishable muttering, before Kinsler’s russet-tinged voice dampens the chatter. There’s a hint of LVL UP in his cadences, an obvious nod to Fat History Month in his production aesthetic, but the lyrics on “Love Song” are almost cripplingly genuine, “It’s the little things we forget when we live too fast,” he sings before the song trails off in the repeating lines, “Last night I heard my friends sing, It was beautiful/ It made me think about love songs/ And the way that they make me feel.” Listen below.

Wilderness Explorer will be out 12/10 via Bandcamp.