Hear Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham Interview Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves

Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham has only been doing Turned Out A Punk, the podcast where he interviews people about their backgrounds in punk rock, for a month, but it’s been a total blast. Abraham is a great conversationalist with a weird steel-trap memory for punk trivia, and all the conversations he’s had have been friendly and interesting. (Abraham, I should maybe disclose, is a good friend.) The latest episode, which just went online, is just about certain to be a good one; it’s a talk with Perfect Pussy leader Meredith Graves. This isn’t just a summit meeting for two singers from bands with cuss words in their names. It’s two charismatic people with strong ideas about the role punk can and should play in your life, going for a solid hour and a half with each other. Carve out some time and listen to the whole thing below.

The podcast is up on iTunes now, too; I suggest you subscribe.