Hear Jenny & Johnny’s “In April” From The Song One Soundtrack

Jenny Lewis has had a busy year, releasing one of our favorite albums of 2014, The Voyager, and working alongside long-time collaborator and boyfriend Johnathan Rice on the score for Song One , which will be released in January. Song One has been pegged as a romantic drama set in Brooklyn, with the borough’s contemporary folk music scene as its backdrop. I am not wholly convinced that this scene exists in real life, but who really cares because if the rest of the film’s soundtrack sounds anything like “In April,” I will be praying for a folk resuscitation. The song, sung by actor Johnny Flynn, is a distinct Jenny and Johnny collaboration. Yes, it’s a little forlorn, a little romantic, but it mostly exemplifies the kind of life affirming lyricism that we’ve come to expect from Lewis, “You must forget and forgive just to live,” Flynn sings toward the track’s end. Listen.

(via Rolling Stone)

The Song One soundtrack is out 1/13 via Lakeshore, and the movie hits theaters on 1/23.