Laughing Fingers – “Crutches” (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn-based Laughing Fingers is the project of Chris Broom and drummer Ian Taggart, a duo who have been self-releasing music via Bandcamp over the course of the past year. Their most recent endeavor, Two EPs, will be released as a cassette later this month. “Crutches,” the introductory song off of Two EPs, begins as a slow drawl, a twangy progression that could soundtrack the opening credits of an old western. The track becomes muddled and swampy at certain points, allowing Broom’s washed-out wail to wade its way to the forefront. For being a duo, Laughing Fingers make a remarkable amount of noise. “Crutches” displays the kind of wilting catharsis that makes you yearn to hear it amidst a sea of other bodies at a show. Listen below.

Two EPs will be out 12/16 via Death Rehearsal Cassettes.