Mark Kozelek Keeps Adam Granduciel Feud Burning, Hints At Third Diss Track

Sun Kil Moon played a show last night in London’s borough of Hackney, and Mark Kozelek spent a lot of time between songs talking about … the War On Drugs. Said Uncut’s John Mulvey in his review of the show: “[I]f at times the whole business [with the War On Drugs] has seemed like a weird pathology on Kozelek’s part, here it’s much more clearly a schtick, part of his stand-up comedian strategy of looping back again and again to the same remorseless riff.” Among other things, Kozelek reportedly suggested that a third song about the War On Drugs could be on its way. Wrote Mulvey:

Kozelek doesn’t stop mentioning [his beef with the War On Drugs] for much of the two and a half hour show … He begins, then, with some droll justification; “I’m a nice guy,” repeated several times, talks about a third War On Drugs-related song, tries to find out if anyone can actually pronounce “Granduciel,” refers to him disparagingly by way of a “Stevie Nicks T-shirt,” mentions “two words: Soul Asylum,” and eventually starts apologising to the band, before the caveat tag of “Bob Dylan parody shit.”

The review is very positive on the whole. Mulvey called it “a show which, by the by, is one of the very best and certainly most surprising I’ve ever seen him play.” Read it here.