Morrissey’s About To Record Another Album

If you missed it, the saga of Morrissey’s 2014 album World Peace Is None Of Your Business goes something like this: Harvest Records released the LP in July. In August, Morrissey was claiming that the label had dropped him and complaining about how badly they botched the release. By the end of the month, Harvest had pulled World Peace from all digital retailers and streaming services, saying they were doing so at Morrissey’s request. At this point, if you want to buy a copy of World Peace, you need to walk in to a record store somewhere and hope that they have a copy, since it has been digitally wiped from this earth. Somehow, though, this experience has not been enough to keep Morrissey from recording more albums. As the Morrissey-Solo fan site points out, Moz has claimed, in an interview with the Serbian site B92, that he’ll begin recording a new album in February. (You need Google Translate to figure out what he’s saying, but that appears to be the gist.) The release of the next Morrissey album can’t possibly go worse than the last one, can it?

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