Ty Segall’s Mr. Face EP Is The World’s First Playable Pair Of 3D Glasses

Ty Segall released one of 2014’s great albums in the form of the sludgy glam-rock opus Manipulator, but that doesn’t mean he’s above goofy vinyl-nerd gimmickry. Next month, Segall will release a new four-song EP called Mr. Face. It’s a gatefold double 7″ single, with 3D art. And the two records are on, respectively, blue and red translucent vinyl. That means you can hold up the two records to your face to use them as 3D glasses, thus enjoying the album art the way it should be enjoyed. And given that this is Ty Segall, it seems like a safe bet that the songs are good, too.

Mr. Face is out 1/13 on Famous Class, and you can pre-order it here.

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