Thumpers – “Devotee” (Feat. Jena Malone) Video

Back in October, we shared “Devotee,” a track from British synth-pop duo Thumpers featuring actress Jenna Malone. Apparently, Thumpers met Malone during the Los Angeles leg of their tour, and the three ended up eating pie at a diner at 3AM and discussing prospective collaborations. Now you can watch director Anna Victoria Best’s video for “Devotee,” which is more or less a behind-the-scenes montage of Thumpers members Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson Jr. goofing off artistically with Malone in a white studio, interspersed with the occasional portrait shot with what appears to be superimposed glitter or twinkling stars. It’s the kind of video that doesn’t necessarily tell a story but serves to bolster the track with an inside look at the collaborative constituents behind the project. By watching Pepperell, Hamson, and Malone pursue whatever artistic whim comes to mind in this blank studio, we get to see the kind of teamwork that went into the unpredictable collaboration. Watch below.

(via Noisey)

Thumpers’ Together EP is out now on Sub Pop.