Marilyn Manson Explains Leaked Lana Del Rey “Rape Video”

A couple of weeks ago, a piece of footage leaked to the internet. It appeared to be footage from a scrapped Marilyn Manson video that Hostel filmmaker Eli Roth had directed. The whole thing was messed up, but there was one particularly disturbing scene in which Roth appears to rape Lana Del Rey. It was an extremely gross piece of filmmaking that seemed to exist for no reason other than to make people feel terrible. A Manson spokesperson quickly claimed that the Lana Del Rey scene wasn’t shot for a Manson video. And now Manson has gone on record claiming the same thing.

Here’s what Marilyn Manson tells NME about the video:

It wasn’t a Marilyn Manson video. The editor of the company that put it out was somebody who’s edited my videos, that video was something that was done with a camera that Eli, who’s my friend, and I both wanted to test out, so I let him test it out… What they filmed was put in context seemingly as if it were a Marilyn Manson video, and that was in no way the intention…

Eli and I wanted to do a music video with [Lana Del Rey], but she was being such a problem. Although I still respect her, I’m friends with her. I just left, I was tired, I was not willing to make that part of the video. Eli and I originally had intentions of making a video with her. But that is not the intention that is represented in that film clip because that is not what I filmed, not for my video.

So Eli Roth just filmed that rape scene to test out a camera? That is a fucked up way to test a camera. Also, Manson, this is probably not a great time to complain about Lana Del Rey being “a problem.”

[Photo by Earl Gibson III/WireImage.]