Stream Jason Lytle House Show

We recently heard former Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle’s new single “Bell’s View,” released on a hybrid disc that can be played in a CD player or on a turntable. The latest from Lytle is House Show, a live album recorded at his friend Stephan Bayley’s home in Portland last spring. Lytle alternates between acoustic guitar and grand piano, and there are some cool electronic effects in the mix too. He also left in all the between-song banter, which adds to the project’s intimate, homespun feel. It’s a pleasant reminder that this guy is one of indie-rock’s great unsung songwriters (and, as becomes even more apparent in this stripped-down setting, one of rock’s more accomplished Neil Young disciples). Here’s a note Lytle posted on Bandcamp:

In the meantime I would like to make available a new recording of a house show I did on the 17th of May 2014. I’ve wanted to do a living room show for a while. This one was a welcome party of sorts as my first show in a new home town.

My friend Stephan Bayley who hosted the show also recorded and engineered it and it turned well…so “what the hell”. The use of his Yamaha grand piano, some samples/loops and my acoustic guitar made it (actually) fun for me!

I debated as to whether or not to edit out the in-between song chatter…till eventually I decided to leave it all in…. I think you get a better sense of the pleasant atmosphere in the room (and my wine buzz) by keeping it raw and unedited. Enjoy.

bring on 2015
take air!


Listen to House Show below.

House Show is out now and available for purchase at Bandcamp. Ending with “Jed The Humanoid” was a good call.