Male Bonding – “A Kick To The Face”

Since Male Bonding’s 2011 full-length Endless Now, the British grunge-punk trio has been flying under the radar, save their single “The Itch” that we shared with you last summer. That’s partly because Kevin Hendrick and Robin Christian, two thirds of the London fuzz-rock group, embarked on a side project called Primitive Parts with Sauna Youth’s Lindsay Corstorphine, which released two 7″s this year. Now Male Bonding’s absence has come to an end, the boisterous London trio returns in a storm of composed ruckus with “A Kick To The Face.” The speed, chord progressions, and aggression of the new track are reminiscent of Male Bonding’s London punk forefathers, but what seems to distinguish Male Bonding are the surprisingly melodic vocals they layer over top of the noise. The result is a track that is combative but contained, unruly but strategic. Listen to the new track below.

No word yet on a new Male Bonding album, but this suggests we’ll be getting one next year.

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