Cheatahs – “Controller” Video

Last month, we heard British shoegazers Cheatahs’ new single, “Controller,” from their upcoming EP, Sunne. Now here’s the video: an unwitting portrayal of two school girls pondering the prospects of life after death and other abstract philosophical topics as they hang out in a graveyard and an arcade. The graveyard seems to be the place where these advanced conversation topics emerge, as the girls stare pensively at headstones, while the arcade hosts the debriefing sessions. Images of anime characters, busy lights, and Dance Dance Revolution vectors flash across the screen between shots of the girls’ socratic discussion, establishing a stark contrast between the graveness and maturity of the conversation and the arcade, a place that stands for youth and playfulness. “Please, one life’s already too much,” one of them says to the other as they pore over their respective racing video games. “Lol” the other responds. Federico Urdaneta directs; watch below.

Sunne is out 2/23 on Wichita.