Reggie Watts Named The Late Late Show Bandleader

With the news about David Letterman leaving The Late Show and Stephen Colbert stepping in for him next year, you might have missed that Craig Ferguson’s run as host of The Late Late Show is ending too. British comedian James Corden will take over the show, and today Reggie Watts was announced as his bandleader. TV Guide reporter Michael Schneider tweeted the news this afternoon. Watts, a comedian and musician best known as co-host of Comedy! Bang! Bang!, is funny, talented, and a good fit for the job. Although his hosting at last year’s YouTube Music Awards left something to be desired, his jams with Jason Schwartzman were pretty cool, and his memorable turn at LCD Soundsystem’s farewell show — depicted in Shut Up And Play The Hits — was a beautiful thing to behold. Plus, the 12:30AM timeslot seems like an ideal time to take advantage of Watts’ absurdist streak. Here’s hoping this means Corden’s show will become as much of a musical destination as Jimmy Fallon’s program under the Roots.

The Late Late Show’s new regime takes over on 3/23.

[Photo by Chris McKay/Getty Images.]