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ICYMI, our 50 Best Albums and 70 Favorite Songs year-end lists are up. Although now it looks like a new D’Angelo album is out next week? Thanks a lot, D’Angelo. Make your own lists if you haven’t yet, because we’re launching the 9th annual Gummy Awards readers’ poll next week. Also, since you guys are so good at commenting I wanna remind you that if you ‘like’ us on Facebook, you have a few more days to comment to win new box sets from R.E.M., the Velvet Underground, and Daft Punk, or our 10 favorite 2014 albums on vinyl.


#10 Chris DeVille | Dec 5th Score:22

I get that, but you don’t think he submitted “Happy” for Song Of The Year or Record Of The Year? And I guess none of the other black artists submitted themselves for any of the major categories either?

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#9 plb102 | Dec 6th Score:22

Dude, you are a nerd. I love it.

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#8 el goodo | Dec 11th Score:23

Agree with “Too Many Cooks” for Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year, and Lyric of the Year for “This city’s like a pressure cooker turned up to high.”

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#7 Michael Nelson | Dec 5th Score:24

I gotta mention this somewhere so I’m gonna do it here. The 2015 Grammy nominees in the category of Best Metal Performance:

Anthrax – Neon Knights
Mastodon – High Road
Motorhead – Heartbreaker
Slipknot – The Negative One
Tenacious D – The Last In Line

Two of those songs are from a Dio tribute record. One of the Dio tribute songs is Tenacious D.

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#6 blochead | Dec 5th Score:25

miss_merboy: I gots to give ya’ props.

You are one consistent SOB

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#5 Michael Nelson | Dec 5th Score:25

“Scribes.” Billy is the best. This is a great found Morrissey lyric: “But as I like to tell my daddy, if I’d been loved right, with the gifts that I had, I might have been a classical composer, having a very quiet life and a glass of wine, and not have been in this dirty pop business.”

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#4 dansolo | Dec 6th Score:29

I’m sure there’s plenty to say about the list, but here are some things that I thought were worth pointing out as I put it together:

1. Mark Kozelek might not like “beer commercial guitar” but Stereogum readers do. The War on Drugs ran away with the readers’ vote, appearing on more than half of all lists – and impressively, more than half of those appearances were in the #1 or #2 position. They had a total of 13 #1 placements, which is twice as many as RTJ, three times as many as Swans, and more than four times as many as anyone else on the list.

2. Though a somewhat distant second, Run the Jewels also stands in a tier of its own. Along with WOD, this was the only act to appear on more than half of your lists. Other than Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, who barely squeezed into the top 20, RTJ was the only hip-hop act to garner significant votes. Though there was a smattering of support for Shabazz Palaces, Azealia Banks, Isaiah Rashad, and Vince Staples, the votes seemed to echo many commenters’ opinion that 2014 was a lackluster year for rap LPs.

3. “Always the bridesmaid…” Some acts that enjoyed wide support among leaders were nonetheless held back from the top honors because few readers placed them in the #1 or #2 position. Along with St. Vincent, Spoon and Perfume Genius share the distinction of appearing on at least one-third of all lists, but were shut out of the top 5 by more “niche” albums that were championed more enthusiastically by their fans.

4. By contrast, acts that put their cult followings to work included Swans, Sun Kil Moon, and Ariel Pink, managing to pass up some of the consensus picks on the strength of their #1 and #2 placements. Further down the list, Cymbals Eat Guitar, Caribou, and Yob also performed well after nabbing a couple of #1s each.

5. Despite the much—ballyhooed demise of rock n’ roll, guitar-slingers dominated the commenters’ picks. 6 of your top 10 albums come from guitar-slingers, while pop, electronic, r&b, hip-hop, and folk acts scrambled for leftovers throughout the list.

6. I know some readers will be annoyed that I even brought this up, but for those who want to talk about diversity/representation, the list definitely favors white dudes by a significant margin. Killer Mike, FKA twigs, FlyLo, and Freddie Gibbs are the only non-white artists on the list (disclaimer: I don’t know 100% of the racial make-up of the bands on the list and I don’t care enough to investigate). St. Vincent, FKA twigs, Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, Lana Del Rey and Laura Jane Grace are representing for the ladies on an otherwise dudely list. In terms of LGBT acts, Mike Hadreas and Laura Jane brought some confrontational queerness to the proceedings.

7. For the Pitchfork-watchers, Sharon Van Etten was the only artist in the top ten whose album didn’t get a BNM from Pitchfork (though one of her songs did, and her 8.2 review certainly qualifies as an endorsement). Though they weren’t exactly panned, Liars’ “Mess” and Beck’s “Morning Phase” were arguably slept on by the Pitchfork staff, so it was nice to see ‘gummers take up for those fine records.

8. The Gum staff noted on their list that veteran acts brought it hard this year, and it seems you agreed. FKA twigs’ LP1 is the only debut to make the top 10; Alvvays #30 bow is the only other debut to place in the rankings.

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Eric Armstrong | Dec 5th Score:31

Let’s not over-analyze the Grammy’s. They’re not the ‘Oscars of music’, they’re more like the ‘Daytime Soap Emmy’s of music’

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#2 inthedeadofknight | Dec 5th Score:50

“Eddie Vedder always makes it about himself! Now, back to me….”

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#1 dansolo | Dec 6th Score:51

Merry Listmas! After Stereogum posted their Top 50 Albums of 2014, many of us decided to share our own personal Top 10s (or more) in the comments section. Being a huge geek and an expert-level procrastinator, I decided to crunch some numbers and figure out which albums were our favorites. In all, I looked at 56 lists and scored over 160 unique albums. Without further ado, here is a very unofficial ranking of our favorite albums of the year.

I used the same system that Metacritic uses to aggregate critics’ lists. It assigns three points for a #1 ranking, two points for a #2 ranking, and one point for a #3-#10 ranking. To break ties, I used the total number of votes that an album received (however several pairs of tied albums had the exact same breakdown of rankings and points, so I had to let those stand). In parentheses next to each album are its total score and the number of votes it received. I only listed albums that had at least five points and at least three votes.

01. The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream (66, 34)
02. Run the Jewels – RTJ2 (49, 31)
03. Swans – To Be Kind (29, 17)
04. St. Vincent – St. Vincent (28, 21)
05. Sun Kil Moon – Benji (28, 16)
06. Perfume Genius – Too Bright (22, 19)
07. Spoon – They Want My Soul (21, 18)
08. FKA twigs – LP1 (19, 14)
09. Ariel Pink – pom pom (19, 12)
10. Sharon Van Etten – Are We There (14, 10)
11. Flying Lotus – You’re Dead! (13, 11)
12. Mac Demarco – Salad Days (13, 10)
13. Real Estate – Atlas (12, 11)
14. Aphex Twin – Syro (11, 11)
15. Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal (11, 9)
16. Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire for No Witness (9, 8)
17. Cymbals Eat Guitars – LOSE (9, 5)
18. Antlers – Familiars (8, 6)
19. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata (8, 5)
20. Caribou – Our Love (8, 4)
21. Future Islands – Singles (7, 7)
21. How to Dress Well – “What is this Heart?” (7, 7)
23. YOB – Clearing the Path to Ascend (7, 3)
24. Wild Beasts – Present Tense (6, 6)
25. Hiss Golden Messenger – Lateness of Dancers (6, 5)
25. Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (6, 5)
25. Todd Terje – It’s Album Time! (6, 5)
28. Beck – Morning Phase (6, 4)
28. Liars – Mess (6, 4)
30. Alvvays – Alvvays (6, 3)
31. Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else (5, 5)
32. Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues (5, 4)
32. Amen Dunes – Love (5, 4)
34. The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers (5, 3)

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#5 despicabledog | Dec 10th Score:-9

Her voice makes me want to run my testes over a cheese grater just so I can feel a different pain.

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Noah Ward | Dec 8th Score:-9

Deadmau5 – While (1<2)

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Chad Arndt | Dec 5th Score:-12

All this talk about iconic original sound. Pumpkins, NIN, Nirvana. And NO MENTION of The Chili Peppers yet? !! What the fuck?! And oh yeah Corgan’s voice? That whiny rusted vagina crap. He never had any business in music in the first place. He needs to go marry Yoko Ono and he will have found his purpose in life

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Parker Young | Dec 5th Score:-15

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor? Lol.

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Chris Nuber | Dec 5th Score:-35

omg. can’t it just be that the people that happened to make better music this were white? Do we need to have a quota put in place for the Grammies now too?

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blochead | Dec 9th Score:2

That’s good stuff right there. I often tell my GF about several of the people on this place that I dig.
What makes it so awesome is I sit in an office selling all day and have very little interaction with the rest of my staff. So most of my stories to her about my day sound like this………’

“Holy shiiiiite, babe. LeMonjello cracked me up so bad today”…….
“inthedeadofknight turned me onto some cool instrumental post rock/metal today”
“Raptor Jesus is one insightful dude”

Suffice it to say she’s a pretty great gal to tolerate my nonsense.

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