Basement Jaxx – “Rock This Road” (Feat. Shakka) Video

It’s been a long time since they made anything as inspired as “Where’s Your Head At,” but British dance duo Basement Jaxx basically never make bad videos. Everything they do is, at the very least, pretty entertaining, and their new clip for “Rock This Road,” a track with London singer Shakka from the group’s new Junto album, serves as a good example. In the video, Shakka plays an interstellar dance overlord who travels to earth to harvest humanity’s dance energies. The alien dancers, it turns out, are way, way better dancers than the clumsy and uninspired humans. In the admittedly limited category of Basement Jaxx videos about earth’s dance-energy crisis, this is right up there with “Never Say Never.” Watch it below.

Junto is out now on Atlantic Jaxx/PIAS.