Spike Lee Wrote A School Daze Sequel Starring Drake As PE*NIS

Ever since unknown parties hacked into Sony’s servers and made the results public, we’ve been granted a ridiculous surplus of Hollywood moviemaking gossip. Thanks to all these emails that are now out there in front of public eyeballs, we now know who’s mad at who, who’s lashing out vindictively at who, and who has no confidence in whose movies. We also know a few improbable things about movies that might be in the pipeline. For instance: Spike Lee has written a sequel to the 1988 college musical School Daze, arguably his breakout movie. It’s supposedly going to star Kevin Hart and Drake. Drake will play a character named PE*NIS. Here’s what Lee’s agent Bart Walker allegedly writes about the script to SPE Motion Picture Group president Doug Belgrad:

This is a new draft that Spike has written after meetings with Drake, who will play the lead role of PE*NIS, and Kevin Hart who will play DAT NIGGA JIGGA. The budget is $ 9 million (net, after Georgia tax credits), not including historic costs, star salaries, creative producer fees… I believe in the film both as an entertainment — a college film — and as a provocative and exciting piece about the conflict of traditional values (education, college) and hip hop/star/celebrity culture. Why go to college to get a job to make money when you can make more money rapping, stripping, and creating salacious music videos even if they demean women?

(via The Daily Beast)

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope that this happens.

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