Here’s MoonQuake Lake, Annie’s Movie-Within-A-Movie Starring Rihanna As A Sea Monster And A Theme By Beck & Sia

Last month, Beck and Sia unveiled their fizzy pop collaboration “MoonQuake Lake,” which turns out to be the theme song of a Twilight parody that will appear in the new remake of Annie. Now a trailer for the very fake film MoonQuake Lake has been released, starring Mila Kunis as some sort of alien space girl and her real-life partner Ashton Kutcher as… it’s not really clear. All that we know from this 37 second long trailer is that Andrea Alvin (Kunis) and Simon Goodspeed (Kutcher) are in love and Rihanna plays a sea monster enhanced by very dated CGI effects. Philip Lord, who wrote The Lego Movie, is also seemingly involved. Watch below.