Ghostface Killah – “Love Don’t Live Here No More” Video (Feat. Michael K. Williams)

About a week ago, Ghostface Killah released a new album called 36 Seasons, a narrative rap-opera piece about a masked vigilante out for revenge. At the beginning of the story, on the song “Love Don’t Live Here No More,” Ghostface’s character returns to his neighborhood after nine years and tries to pick back up with his old girlfriend. In the song’s new video, Michael K. Williams, most famous for playing Omar on The Wire, plays the lead, acting out Ghost’s scenario and making it look creepier than it sounded on-record. (He also has the most violent day in the recent history of beautiful Park Slope, Brooklyn, where this sort of public beatdown no longer occurs often.) Ghostface himself is in the video, too, but he’s not playing his own character; he’s just saying hi to Williams and reading an old Iron Man book. Dan The Man directed the video, and you can watch it below.

(via Complex)

36 Seasons is out now on Salvation/Tommy Boy.