Chumped – “December Is The Longest Month” Video

Brooklyn-based Band To Watch Chumped found their way into our hearts throughout 2014 by taking the risk to be explicit, and we named their debut album Teenage Retirement one of the best of this year. There’s a lot of complexity to be found on Teenage Retirement, but all of that complexity has nothing to do with challenging songwriting, and everything to do with the fact that relationships, friendships, and existence are all dauntingly difficult when you’re a young person living in the often very cold emotional vortex of New York City. So it comes as no surprise that Chumped would release a narrative video for “December Is The Longest Month,” the leading track off of Teenage Retirement. The video, directed by Andy Mendez, chronicles the aftermath of a party: We witness our protagonist attempting to fix a very broken, very sad snowglobe as she is hounded by flashbacks of the night before. There’s a lot of betrayal and heartbreak, but none of the situation seems all too tragic unless you’ve ever been in the midst of it. Watch the video at EW.

Teenage Retirement is out now on Anchorless.