Chris Mastheim (Nicholas Krgovich) – “Children Go Where I Send Thee”

Yep, it’s that time of year again when holiday music becomes more or less inescapable. Most of it may be cloying and overplayed, but when it’s mixed with a healthy dose of sadness and/or humor, the results can be excellent. Prolific Vancouver multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Krgovich — the man behind “Along The PCH On Oscar Night,” one of our 70 Favorite Songs Of 2014 — has gone the latter route, dusting off his punny recurring holiday alias Chris Mastheim (Get it? Get it?) for the release of a free EP-length compilation of holiday standards. While the songs themselves are familiar and the lyrics remain unchanged, Krgovich runs the music through a heavy filter of his own particular brand of loungey soft-rock, synth-pop decadence before spitting it back out. The result is a comical dissonance between the po-faced lyrics and the gloriously shimmering Barry White meets the Human League soundtrack behind them. Listen to “Children Go Where I Send Thee” below.

The Chris Mast Style EP is out now. Stream or download it here.