Ryan Adams Is Writing, Drawing, & Soundtracking His Own Comic Book Series

Ryan Adams’ obsession with comic books is well documented, but not until this week did he reveal that he’s creating his own. Adams appeared on Marvel’s This Week In Marvel podcast this week, and as Consequence Of Sound points out, the singer-songwriter confirmed what his Twitter followers might have already discerned: He’s writing and illustrating his own series of books during his downtime on tour. The plan is to release each book with its own original soundtrack, also written and recorded by Adams and friends. Here’s the news straight from Adams’ mouth:

As the comics are starting to get half way to three-quarters of the way done, they’re starting to get finished. I’m going to make soundtracks for them with these guys. Or I’ll actually go to Daniel [Clark] or somebody will have a feeling and they’ll go, “Hey, can I do this one?” and I’ll be like, “Absolutely. Can I add some vocals later?” Or maybe not even; maybe Danny will do the whole thing.

He’s also looking for someone do to color in his illustrations:

I gotta find some place that can color it with those dots, those color dots. I want it to be colored like an ’80s comic book where you could tell it was going through a press and you could see the small dots, like they made that arrangement somehow.

Speaking of those illustrations, here’s an example from Adams’ Twitter:

Bleeding Cool reported last month that tweets between Adams and IDW Publishing suggested a partnership might be in the works, but Adams did not indicate who’ll be publishing his comics. Stream or download the 33-minute podcast here.

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